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June 2014 - May 2015

Please feel free to browse the archive of photos and recaps for our 2014-2015 Board year events, organized in reverse chronological order below:

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  • Manyunk Bridge & Ivy Ridge Trail Construction Tour - May 19, 2015

    On Tuesday, May 19, 2015, the YMF hosted a tour of the ongoing Manyunk Bridge and Ivy Ridge Trail Construction project, led by engineers from the Philadelphia Streets Department. The weather was perfect and the tour was well-attended, treating participants to great views of the project site and surrounding areas.

    Below are a few pictures from the event:

  • Critical Issues Seminar - May 6, 2015

    On Wednesday, May 6, 2015, the YMF co-hosted the Critical Issues Seminar with ASHE Delaware Valley and MASITE on Private-Public Partnership (P3) Projects at Ladder 15 (3rd Floor), 16th and Sansom, in downtown Philadelphia. The following panelists participated in the discussion:

    • - Dale Witmer, Deputy Director of the Public Private Partnerships Office, PennDOT
    • - Fred Brehm, Esq., Shareholder, Powell, Trachtman, Logan, Carrle & Lombardo
    • - Jeff Given, Director of Procurement, Loftus Construction, Inc.

    Below is a picture from the event:

  • Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup Event - April 25, 2015

    On Saturday, April 25, 2015, the YMF along with ASHE DelVal co-hosted the first Adopt-A-Highway cleanup of their newly adopted segment along Bethlehem Pike (SR 2018) in Ambler, PA. After the cleanup, which was well-attended and picked up A LOT of trash, participants went to Fireside Bar and Grill, where they were treated to appetizers. The owners were so appreciative of the effort, they sent out free pizza!

  • Joint Happy Hour with PSPE DelCo - March 26, 2015

    On Thursday, March 26, 2015, the YMF hosted a happy hour and professional development event with PSPE Delaware County at Sligo Irish Pub in Media, PA. This was the third year the ASCE YMF has teamed up with the PSPE to conduct this event.

    Below are a few pictures from the event:

  • Advanced Drainage System (ADS) Facility Tour - March 16, 2015

    On March 16, 2015 Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS) hosted the YMF for a tour of their pipe manufacturing and distribution facility in Swedesboro, NJ. The 70 acre facility was constructed 8 years ago and runs three pipe manufacturing lines for PVC and HDPE pipes, ranging in in diameter of 4" to 42". The facility typically operates on a 24/5 schedule depending on demand throughout the construction and agricultural season. The Swedesboro location holds the company's largest supply yard and was nearing 80% to 90% capacity at the time of the YMF's visit. The yard typically holds between 9 to 12 weeks' worth of supply products. 73% of the pipes manufactured at the facility are comprised mostly of recycled material, while the remainder of the pipes produced use virgin material. The facility recycles 100% of all the scrap and extra material produced during the manufacturing process. Besides just pipe manufacturing, the factory also fabricates pipe junctions and fittings. ADS is known in the industry for its iconic green shipping trailers and during the site visit the YMF was able to experience the full manufacturing process, from ground-up recycled HDPE, to completed pipes being placed in the shipping trailers. After the facility tour, ADS invited the YMF members to the Village Pub & Restaurant for an hour long product & information presentation which fulfilled the requirements for one PDH. The tour and presentation was attended by nearly 20 individuals including 3 students from Widener University.

    Below are a few pictures from the event:

  • West Philadelphia Soup Squad - March 9, 2015

    On Monday, March 9, 2015, 10 members of the Philadelphia YMF prepared "creamy carrot and ginger" soup for elderly and immobile West Philadelphia citizens in conjunction with the West Philadelphia Soup Squad, organized by Klein JCC. Three Klein JCC employees guided the YMF members through the process as they peeled, chopped, and cooked the soup; labeled individual containers; and packaged the soup for delivery the following day. The YMF donated several of the ingredients for soup, which yielded approximately 80 servings. While the soup was cooking, there was a short downtime during which everyone present got to interact, and even play a few quick games.

    Below are a few pictures from the event:

  • 19th Annual Winter Social - January 26, 2015

    On Monday, January 26, 2015, the YMF hosted its 19th Annual YMF Winter Social. The event was once again a success, with an attendance of 207 engineers and their guests. Everyone enjoyed hanging out with their coworkers, catching up with colleagues, and meeting other young engineers and students. Our student members took advantage of the opportunity to meet engineers from around the area, learn about local companies, and discuss career goals and opportunities.

    During the event, YMF members sold raffle tickets for prizes donated from local companies. The prizes included Sixers tickets, movie tickets, as well as various restaurant and retail gift cards. In a continually sluggish economy, our sponsors stepped up and collectively donated an amazingly generous number of prizes! The large number of prizes resulted in high raffle sales and will allow us to donate a total of $2,005 for charity ($200 to the Future Cities Competition, $805 to the Penn State Chapter of Bridges to Prosperity and $1,000 to Philabundance/Habitat for Humanity) ! Thank you to everyone who contributed.

    Many thanks to Drew Sirianni, P.E. of Pennoni Associates and the entire 2014-2015 YMF Board for planning the event.

    Below are a few pictures from the event (and click for more photos):

  • Pre-College Outreach Presentation - January 10, 2015

    On Saturday, January 10, 2015, Kazi Hassan and Jesse Gormley led two breakout sessions at the 2015 ASCE Workshop for Section and Branch Leaders for Regions 1, 2, 4 and 5 on the topic of "Taking STEM to Schools." Each session involved a 15 minute presentation on what STEM is, why it's important, and talked about pre-college outreach activities and resources available through ASCE, including the ASCE Civil Engineering Club (CE Club) initiative. For the remainder of each session they took questions and facilitated discussion between attendees related to pre-college outreach and CE Club. Finally, they wrapped up the sessions by providing lessons learned, based on the Philadelphia Section's various outreach efforts, and again encouraged participants to use all of the resources ASCE offers.

    After the presentation, Jeanine Finton (Senior Manager of Pre-College Outreach for ASCE) said "Kazi and Jesse's presentation 'Taking STEM to the Classroom' gave participants a solid grounding in all areas of K-12 outreach, from one time presentations to year-long Civil Engineering Clubs. Their practical advice benefited outreach novices and experienced presenters alike."

    Below are a few pictures from the event:

  • Young Government Employee Luncheon - December 18, 2014

    The majority of ASCE members in the Philadelphia area work as consultants in the private sector. However, both private and public employees can greatly benefit from involvement in the organization. In an effort to reach out to civil engineers working in the public sector, the YMF held an information and recruitment lunch for young government employees on December 18, 2014. This event featured six presenters: Amanda Kessler, Nha Truong and Chris Renfro from the YMF and Ruben David, Bob Wright, and Chris Menna from the Philadelphia Section. These enthusiastic members of ASCE spoke to an audience of 40 employees from the City of Philadelphia, SEPTA, and local universities.

    The lunch began with a presentation that discussed the overall organization of ASCE from the national and regional level to sections and branches. The size and strength of the Philadelphia section was highlighted, but the presentation also emphasized the benefits of being a member, such as the monthly magazine, technical institutes, career website, and government relations. With so many young engineers in the room, the presenters made certain to point out ASCE's presence in social media.

    Upon completion of the PowerPoint presentation, each of the six presenters took a few minutes to share their own personal experiences as members of ASCE. Although they ranged in age and experience, Amanda, Nha, Chris, Ruben, Bob, and Chris could all agree that their time spent volunteering with ASCE not only enhanced their professional careers, but their personal lives as well.

    Below are a few pictures from the event:

  • Technical Presentation - Delaware I-495 Bridge Repair - December 9, 2014

    On December 9th, 2014, the YMF hosted a technical presentation on the emergency repair of Bridge 1-813 on I-495 over the Christina River in Delaware. Barry Benton, State Bridge Engineer of DelDOT, presented a timeline of events of the I-495 bridge emergency, from discovery of the problem to construction of the solution. The event was held on the 16th floor of the Municipal Services Building.

    The event was geared towards the YMF members of ASCE and local engineering college students. Almost half of the ~40 attendees were students in the Philadelphia area, including two high-school students.

    Below are a few pictures from the event:

  • Welcome Back Student Bowling Event - October 8, 2014

    On Wednesday, October 8th, 2014, the ASCE Philadelphia YMF hosted a Welcome Back Bowling at Pep Bowl in Philadelphia. The event was specifically intended to provide engineering students in the Philadelphia community an opportunity to network with industry professionals.

    Providing students an environment to socialize with their colleagues, while in the presence of engineering/construction professionals, allowed them to comfortably engage in conversation and develop their networking skills. In return, attendees recognized a component of the ASCE-YMF mission to aid in development of those hoping to enter and/or newly admitted to the civil engineering profession by providing an atmosphere to engage in networking skills.

    Below are a few pictures from the event:

  • Schuylkill Boardwalk Tour - September 24, 2014

    On Wednesday, September 24th, the Philadelphia ASCE Younger Member Forum went on a tour of the since-completed Schuylkill Boardwalk. The project's RE from Jacobs led the group of about 25 people along the length of the new boardwalk which required only a few finishing touches before opening up to the public with a ribbon cutting on October 2nd. This extension of the mixed-use trail contains bumpouts for users overlooking West Philadelphia and a ramp leading up to the South Street Bridge.

    Tour-goers headed to Bonner's Irish Pub after the event for appetizers and socializing, and a good time was had by all.

    Below are a few pictures from the event:

  • Wissahickon Trail Maintenance - September 20, 2014

    On Saturday, September 20th, the Philadelphia ASCE Younger Member Forum performed some trail restoration and maintenance in the Wissahickon under the guidance of the Friends of the Wissahickon. Some of the restoration involved removing old portions of boardwalk over drainage areas and repairing them, as well as clearing debris and filling holes in the trail.

    Below are a few pictures from the event:

  • Phillies Game & Tailgate - August 7, 2014

    On August 7, 2014, the Philadelphia, Delaware and South Jersey's YMF hosted their annual Phillies game outing. Every year, the three hosting YMFs invite their members, as well as guests of these members to network during a tailgate and enjoy a baseball game at Citizens Bank Park. This year, approximately 70 tickets were sold for the game many that attended the tailgate. The weather was in our favor that day with bright sunny skies.

    Below are a few pictures from the event: