The YMF's Student and Public Outreach Efforts

College Chapters

Meet the ASCE Student Chapters of our local engineering universities and their leadership, including contact information.

Mentor Program

Read about the YMF's mentoring program and find out how you can get involved either as a mentee or mentor.

K-12 Outreach

Read about the YMF's extensive outreach effort to K-12 students in and around the Philadelphia-area.

Civil Engineering Club

The YMF is fortunate to help run a Civil Engineering Club, an ASCE initiative, at a local elementary school. Click to find out more!

Want to inspire the next generation of Civil Engineers? Craving an outlet for your expansive engineering knowledge? Enjoy making a difference in the community?
If you answered yes and want to help volunteer with K-12 Outreach, CivE Club, College Outreach, or Community Service, please fill out the form via QR Code or linked below! If you have any questions, please reach out to Kerianne Chen or Elvira Mikhael at ASCEPhilaYMFK12@gmail.com

Volunteer Interest Form