Mentor Program

Now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Mentorship Program.
Applications for Mentors and Mentees will be accepted until Wednesday, October 23rd.


What is the YMF Mentor Program?

The YMF Mentor Program connects local ASCE student members and industry professional volunteers together in one-to-one relationships aimed at supporting the student’s career and professional development goals.

All student mentees are paired based on their interests and career path goals. The mentoring relationship is a personal commitment where mentors and mentees are jointly responsible for its success.

Students enrolling should have completed a co-op, internship, or equivalent experience. Participating mentors are preferred to have 3+ years of experience.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is someone who serves as a trusted professional and role model. They leverage their knowledge and experience to guide a mentee. The mentor will communicate feedback to a mentee to enhance their growth by providing industry insights and offerings tips on job searching, networking, leadership, and communication.

What is a Mentee?

The most successful mentee defines clear initial goals and brainstorms actions with their mentor. They will be responsible for initiating monthly communication coordination such as in person meeting, phone, email, or video conferencing throughout the mentorship period which is designed to last a year. Although, many mentorship pairs go beyond this time period.

What is the Process?

Applications to enroll will be announced in the Philly YMF email blasts. Both mentors and mentees will fill out an initial questionnaire. Next, the ASCE Philly YMF will match each participants based on their career path, goals, and interests indicated on the questionnaires. Once matching is completed, we suggest that students initiate the conversation with the mentor. During this time period, the YMF will provide educational materials on effective mentoring and email announcements for mentor program meet ups throughout the year. We suggest that each pair communicate at least monthly for an effective mentoring relationship.

For questions on the ASCE Philadelphia YMF Mentor Program, please contact our Student Member Transition Chair, Kevin Walsh, at