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The Philadelphia YMF has three basic objectives: (1) provide networking opportunities, (2) interact with schools and the general public to promote civil engineering, and (3) enhance career development. We have lots of events going on to meet these objectives, and we encourage all ASCE members to participate.

Our Job Listings page features useful links to job search tools, as well as a list of our awesome Sponsors! Our Events page features listings for all our upcoming events, as well as our calendar. Our Photos page has links to pictures from all our past events. Our Outreach page has information on all of our various outreach efforts to K-12 schools, colleges, and the public. And, of course, please Contact us for more information!

The Executive Board

Kevin Brown, EIT


A graduate of Widener University ('09, BS in Civil Engineering; '14, MS in Civil Engineering), Kevin works as a construction manager for Urban Engineers in their construction services department.

Nha Truong

Vice President

A graduate of Villanova University ('10, BS in Civil Engineering; '12, MS in Civil Engineering), Nha works for the Philadelphia Water Department as an environmental engineer for the Flood Risk Management Program.

Meredith Lis, EIT


A graduate of MIT ('12, BS in Civil Engineering), Meredith works for DVRPC coordinating between design consultants and PennDOT for various trail projects receiving federal funding.

Eammon Farley, EIT


A graduate of Drexel University ('08, BS in Civil Engineering), Eammon works as a traffic planner/designer for McCormick Taylor in their Philadelphia traffic group.


President's Message

Time flies when you're having fun

  • Kevin Brown, EIT
  • May 8, 2017

ASCE Philadelphia YMF Members,

With only a few weeks left of my term as President it’s hard to believe that a year went by so quickly. I guess time does fly when you’re having fun, because I’ve had a blast. Whether it was attending an ASCE conference, presenting at an elementary school, networking at a social event, or even running a YMF Board meeting, I’ve had a great time doing so. In addition to having fun, I’ve come to the realization that we, the Philadelphia YMF, have a lot to be proud of. The student members are active within the YMF; Members are engaging the youth in civil engineering activities; the Board continues to work diligently to bring the membership worthwhile events; and students and younger members are being recognized locally and nationally for their service to the engineering community and their awareness of the initiatives that ASCE supports.

To me, being President wasn’t much different from the other positions I’ve held on the Board; I strived to be at most events, help fellow Board members when needed, and worked with students to help foster the transition from student to younger member. The major difference for me was perspective. From the perspective of the YMF President you’re in the position to see the interactions between Board members, YMF Members, and even student members. It’s cool to see the bonds formed between and within those groups and the organizational success and growth that stem from it.

It has truly been a pleasure serving as your President this past year. I look forward to advising the 2017-2018 Board as Past President (although I’m confident my advising won’t be needed) and I will continue to encourage involvement with the YMF. Five years ago, I was the introverted guy joining the YMF CANstruction team, now I’m about to log off as your President and there is no doubt in my mind that #ASCEMadeMe.

Kevin Brown, EIT

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YMF members explain how ASCE benefits them

  • Laurel Welch
  • May 24, 2017

After moving to Philadelphia from Florida, I was looking for a community of engineers to join and decided to attend some YMF events, since I had been heavily involved in my college chapter. I was immediately impressed by the number and variety of ways that the Philadelphia YMF connects engineers to each other and to the local community. Since joining the Philadelphia YMF, I have not only expanded my local network of engineering professionals, but I have had the privilege to volunteer at several service events, including roadway and trail cleanups. In addition to serving the local community, these events have been a fun way to meet other ASCE members who have a passion for service and come from a variety of civil engineering disciplines. Whether you are most comfortable meeting people at networking dinners, socials or service events, the Philadelphia YMF offers a wide variety of opportunities to get involved with the ASCE chapter that allow you to grow your professional network and serve the community.

Laurel Welch, EIT
Highway Engineer

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