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The Philadelphia YMF has three basic objectives: (1) provide networking opportunities, (2) interact with schools and the general public to promote civil engineering, and (3) enhance career development. We have lots of events going on to meet these objectives, and we encourage all ASCE members to participate.

Our Job Listings page features useful links to job search tools, as well as a list of our awesome Sponsors! Our Events page features listings for all our upcoming events, as well as our calendar. Our Photos page has links to pictures from all our past events. Our Outreach page has information on all of our various outreach efforts to K-12 schools, colleges, and the public. And, of course, please Contact us for more information!

The Executive Board

Eammon Farley, EIT


A graduate of Drexel University ('08, BS in Civil Engineering), Eammon works as a civil engineer for Michael Baker International in their Philadelphia transportation group.

Jesse Gormley, PE

Vice President

A graduate of Drexel University ('10, BS in Architectural Engineering and MS in Civil Engineering), Jesse works as a structural engineer for Pennoni in their Philadelphia headquarters.

Scott Cepietz, PE


A graduate of Widener University ('09, BS in Civil Engineering) and Villanova University ('14, MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering), Scott works as a civil engineer at Michael Baker International in the Transporation Department.

Katrina Lawrence, EIT


A graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology ('10, BS in Civil Engineering, Katrina works for McCormick Taylor as a Transportation Specialist involved in project management and various communications efforts across Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


President's Message

  • Eammon Farley, EIT
  • August 15, 2018

I want to start by mentioning what an honor it is to lead this year’s YMF board. Looking back on the past years I’ve spent on the board of this organization makes me realize how much I really owe my personal growth to it. When starting my first, post-college position, I was encouraged to stay involved with ASCE and thought to myself, “what can this do for me?” So of course, I did not immediately understand the importance of networking and student outreach. Although many of my collegiate friends were engineers, I can honestly say I had absolutely no clue how to network or what to even do at a networking event. Funny to look back on that now because networking events are my favorite to attend. I now understand that networking helps you find lasting personal friendships, industry colleagues, and mentors who help you grow and expand your horizon. In fact, many of the people I met through the YMF are now some of my closest friends. The value of these relationships is something I want to instill on everyone.

So, for those of you reading this, I challenge you all to step outside your comfort zone and get out to our events. Our events offer the opportunity to meet people you might not have ever gotten the chance to meet. I also pledge to do my best to meet or speak with each of you along the way.

Now for some areas I would like to concentrate on during my presidency. This year my goal is to not only continue the numerous programs we currently have but to expand on recent programs that began last year. Last year’s college chapter competition (#ASCEMadeMe College Challenge) and student mentorship programs can be expanded on this year. I focus on this because I think it’s important to engage and inspire engineering students. The #ASCEMadeMe College Challenge is set forth to not only motivate attendance but tasks students with submitting competition documentation in a timely manner. The mentorship program also gives individuals the opportunity to engage in more one-on-one conversations.

In addition to expanding these endeavors, it is also important to keep improving the other activities our board does. I plan on continuing to excel in K-12 student outreach (via CivE Club or school visits) presence, maintain quality professional development and technical events, expand our social media presence, and work closely with other societies.

Lastly, I need to thank past YMF mentors Kevin Brown, Chris Renfro, Kazi Hassan, and Jeremy Chrzan for paving the road to success for our Philadelphia Section and helping me grow personally and professionally through the organization.


Eammon Farley, EIT

ASCE Philadelphia YMF

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YMF members explain how ASCE benefits them

  • Andrew Halt, EIT, ENV SP
  • April 25, 2018

Have you ever heard the old stereotype of the anti-social, awkward engineer who just wants to sit in a cubicle all day and do math? Though this might've been true in a different time and place, it's clear that whoever coined that phrase never met the engineers of ASCE YMF in Philadelphia. A fun and very active society, the YMF is the best way for new engineers starting out in Philadelphia to meet others in their profession, learn about the industry, give back, and have a drink while doing it.

Even though I was active in my collegiate ASCE chapter, I was unsure whether I would participate in ASCE as much when I moved back to Philly. However, after attending my first event, the summer Happy Hour at Fishtown Hops, I knew the YMF was a fit. From a great venue overlooking the river to friendly people, I left there wanting to get more involved. Afterwards I learned about all of the other organized service events such as teaching students at the Chester A. Arthur Middle School and helping the hungry through the Philabundance event. To be able to go beyond my profession and help others is really rewarding, and the fact that I can do it while meeting other great people made it even better. Even though I'm a newer member, I have already gotten a lot out of it, as the YMF has helped to build my network, have fun, and help others. So if you sometimes feel like that anti-social engineer, get out of your cubicle and join the Philadelphia YMF, you won't regret it.

Andrew Halt, EIT, ENV SP
Traffic/ITS Designer

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