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The Philadelphia YMF has three basic objectives: (1) provide networking opportunities, (2) interact with schools and the general public to promote civil engineering, and (3) enhance career development. We have lots of events going on to meet these objectives, and we encourage all ASCE members to participate.

Our Job Listings page features useful links to job search tools, as well as a list of our awesome Sponsors! Our Events page features listings for all our upcoming events, as well as our calendar. Our Photos page has links to pictures from all our past events. Our Outreach page has information on all of our various outreach efforts to K-12 schools, colleges, and the public. And, of course, please Contact us for more information!

The Executive Board

Nha Truong, PE


A graduate of Villanova University ('10, BS in Civil Engineering; '12, MS in Civil Engineering), Nha works for the Philadelphia Water Department as an environmental engineer for the Flood Risk Management Program.

Eammon Farley, EIT

Vice President

A graduate of Drexel University ('08, BS in Civil Engineering), Eammon works as a civil engineer for Michael Baker International in their Philadelphia transportation group.

Jesse Gormley, PE


A graduate of Drexel University ('10, BS in Architectural Engineering and MS in Civil Engineering), Jesse works as a bridge engineer for Pennoni in their Philadelphia headquarters.

Joseph Natale, PE


A graduate of the University of Delaware (BS and MS in Civil Engineering), Joe works as a structural engineer for WSP in Philadelphia.


President's Message

Call For Mentors

  • Nha Truong, PE, PMP
  • August 23, 2017

Dear ASCE Philadelphia YMF members,

In our latest email blast, we introduced a new YMF initiative to establish a mentor program. As soon as this announcement was released, we received questions and comments from potential mentors and mentees alike expressing strong interest in taking part in the program. This feedback has been highly encouraging as we move towards the high arching goals of this initiative, which are as follows:

  • Dream Big: The program is designed to connect every enrolled local student member with an industry professional in a one-to-one mentorship relationship.
  • Start Small: Our commitment to establishing an effective mentor program builds from feedback of participants. Therefore, the program will kick off with a small group of students and a carefully selected group of mentors.
  • Scale Quickly: In its pilot year, we will work with participants to streamline the mentoring process. From these lessons learned, we will expand capacity for more participants to meet our Dream Big goal.
Why Mentoring? Mentors are role models, advisers, and sponsors. They are professionals who collectively represent a wide array of disciplines within Civil Engineering and its many focus areas. They leverage their experience to help student mentees explore career paths and polish their professional development.

We highly recommend that pairs communicate at least monthly for an effective mentoring relationship. The commitment of a mentor is one-year, although many mentor relationships have lasted beyond this time. Throughout the year, the YMF will recommend events as meet up opportunities for mentors and mentees to get to know each other, as well as others in the program.

We are currently looking for mentors with a preferred 3+ years of experience. If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor, please fill out the questionnaire linked here.

In addition to this initiative, the YMF Board is continuously working to plan events to serve our membership. For the month of September, we have the following:

  • YMF Group Photo and Happy Hour organized by Ajin Fatima and Kristin Leese
  • Wissahickon Devil's Pool Cleanup organized by Nick Kirn and Lauren Davenport
As always a huge thank you to all the member volunteers who make our outreach possible. If you are looking for ways to become involved with the YMF, please don't hesitate to contact me or come out and meet our Board members at our events!


Nha Truong, PE, PMP


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YMF members explain how ASCE benefits them

  • Lindsay Chateauvert, EIT
  • September 12, 2017

Back in 2008, during a college tour in Philadelphia, I remember looking at my parents and mouthing that I never wanted to step foot in this city or school again. Being from a small town in Massachusetts, the big city of Philadelphia, which promised opportunity and brotherly love, seemed way too overwhelming. However, fast forward four years, there I was in Philly again moving into an apartment in Graduate Hospital to start my first "real" job as a civil engineer.

After the culture shock wore off, I started to build both a personal and professional network of relationships. Knowing I was new to the city, a close coworker of mine suggested attending ASCE YMF events with her. I love meeting new people and jumped on the opportunity to branch out from my company and start networking with fellow engineers.

Even as a new face, the YMF members were always extremely friendly and welcoming. The events were not only fun and educational, they were also making a difference. In the past few months, I've attended Dream Big, an engineering movie aimed towards promoting STEM interest within the younger generation, and have volunteered with the Chester Arthur School Civil Engineering Club. Both programs, started by ASCE, have had such a positive impact on the engineering community and Philadelphia's future engineers. I'm looking forward to becoming even more involved and seeing what the ASCE YMF Board and members will do next.

Lindsay Chateauvert, EIT
Bridge Engineer

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