Carol Martsolf, PE, PMP, LEED AP

Carol Martsolf, PE, PMP, LEED AP is Urban Engineers’ Vice President and Director of Training. She has 25 years of experience in engineering and management, the last 10 years of which as head of the Urban Training Institute. Now in its eleventh year, the Urban Training Institute provides training opportunities to clients and Urban’s staff on a variety of technical and professional topics. Since its inception, the program has been responsible for awarding over 13,000 professional development hours to its participants and the Urban Training Institute has created over 100 courses and have taught students from 55 organizations. Carol has a bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from Temple University. She is currently the ASCE Region 2 Governor, and a Past President of the Philadelphia Section. She and her daughter, Catherine (also in the engineering profession), live in Lansdowne PA.

What do you enjoy most about your current position? Your career?

When I was a Civil Engineer or Project Manager on design projects, what I loved was seeing my projects on paper turn into reality and people using and enjoying what was built - and knowing that I made a positive difference! I remember one of my very first projects come to life after construction and seeing people use it, and knowing I made their lives better and safer. In my current role as Vice President and Director of Training, I likewise love seeing that I am making a difference by helping people learn and grow through the Urban Training Institute. It is just as rewarding seeing people improve on a certain skill or grow in their development.

Who is/are your role model(s)?

My 22-year-old daughter Catherine is my role model because she perseveres in the face of adversity, yet maintains a kind and warm heart.

What advice would you give young female engineers entering the civil engineering workforce?

I would say, find your passion and do whatever you can to follow it and develop it. The path is not always a straight line and you may have to find creative ways to get to your goals. But always be searching for ways to get to where you want to be! Also, as a woman, be sure to stand up for yourself. It may be a tendency for women to take care of everyone else before they take care of their own needs. Whether it is negotiating a higher salary, or a change in job responsibilities - don't be afraid to ask. Every question you don't ask is a 'no', so you have nothing to lose.

Check out this video of Carol speaking to Temple engineering students about "Advice I Would Give My 20-Year-Old Self."