Briana Earle

Briana Earle is a Senior Staff Engineer at Langan in Doylestown, PA with 5 years of experience. Briana grew up in Central New York and graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering and a ME in Transportation Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2013. She is currently the secretary of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Philadelphia Section and is on the awards committee for the Delaware Valley Engineers Week. She is also involved in many STEM activities for school age kids throughout the year.

How/when did you realize you wanted to be a civil engineer? / Why did you first study engineering?

I always had an interest in my technology classes in middle school and when I got into 8th grade I learned about the different engineering fields. With my interest cemented in what an engineer does during these classes; I knew from then on I would be an engineer. I made sure to immerse myself in every technology/engineering class offered at my high school. It was here that my foundation was laid for the different roles engineers play throughout the world. When I learned about what a civil engineer was, I knew that was for me!

What do you enjoy most about your current position? Your career as a civil engineer?

I most enjoy being able to work on a project from start to finish with my team and see it come to life in construction. It is always exciting to drive by a project that I was involved in and point out and say I helped design that. I love that being a civil engineer, allows others to see what we design, no matter if it is a bridge, a new road, or even a sky scraper. The results of what civil engineers do is used by the whole community whether we are walking on it, driving on it, or flying on it, these products are used by everyone.

What advice would you give young female engineers entering the civil engineering workforce?

I would tell young female engineers to go out and start your career by knowing what you love to do and find a career that fits those goals. Find a career path where you love going to work every day and you get to learn and try something new. Knowing that everyday there will be challenges both small and large makes the day that much more rewarding. All of these activities are learning experiences that you can take in and grow from.