2018 ASCE Outstanding Practitioner Advisor Award

Scott Cepietz, PE

Scott Cepietz, PE is a civil engineer in the transportation department at Michael Baker International. Scott graduated from Widener University in 2009 with a BS in Civil Engineering and completed his Master's degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Villanova University in 2014. Scott is the Project Manager for several projects in the City of Philadelphia and Municipal Projects in Montgomery County. Scott has worked on many projects for PennDOT including highway relocations, highway restoration, and intersection improvements. Scott is currently the lead highway engineer for corridor and intersection improvements along SR 222 in Berks County for PennDOT District 5-0.

Scott was recognized by the ASCE Committee on Student Members with the 2018 ASCE Outstanding Practitioner Advisor Award for his efforts as Practitioner Advisor to the Villanova University ASCE Student Chapter.

Scott has been a member of the YMF Board since 2010 holding various positions such as social chair, social media, and most recently technical chair. Scott is the current Secretary of the YMF. Scott feels that the YMF has given him the opportunity to network and grow his career in many different ways. Scott hopes the people he has met through ASCE will grow with him and the relationships will continue over the years.

It is Scott’s belief that his involvement with the YMF and how the YMF interacts with the student chapters was a big strength of his application. As a direct connection between the Villanova Student Chapter and the YMF, Scott was able to highlight and promote all the events and programs the YMF has for college students. The role as the practitioner advisor is to be that direct connection between the student chapters and the professional world so being so involved with the YMF only elevated that connection.

Scott was invited to speak at the 2018 ASCE Practitioner and Faculty Advisor Training Workshop which brings together advisors from all over the world to meet one another and learn from each other. Scott also attended the Workshop in 2017. For this year’s workshop, he was asked to speak about how he put to use those ideas learned at the 2017 Workshop into the 2017-2018 school year. Scott’s favorite part of the conferences is being able to meet and get to know other advisors so everyone can share ideas on how to improve ASCE student chapters.

What has been a highlight for you this year in this role?

I was thrilled Villanova’s ASCE student chapter was able to send 4 students to the Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders in Newark, NJ. That’s the highest number their student chapter has ever sent! The workshop brings in student chapter leaders from the entire east coast to network and learn from each other and ASCE about running a student chapter and other life skills. It’s a tremendous opportunity for the students and sending that many is great for the ASCE student chapter itself.

What is your personal motto as a civil engineer?

There’s a quote by William H. Johnson that Michael Baker’s PA Regional Director has really harped on and I have really embraced the concept and have felt this way a lot thus far in my career. It goes, “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” I feel like anyone can accomplish things if they put their mind to it and don’t always have to rely on others. Being self-driven and always looking for more can only start with the individual.


Scott presenting at the 2018 ASCE Practitioner and Faculty Advisor Training Workshop.


Villanova University’s ASCE Student Chapter hosted members of the ASCE Philadelphia YMF for a panel discussion this past November 4th on “Paths to a Successful Career.” Scott was one of the panelists, pictured at bottom right.