2018 Eastern Region Younger Member Council Outstanding Young Civil Engineer in the Public Sector

Nha Truong, PE

The Outstanding Young Civil Engineer in the Public Sector Award is presented at the ASCE Multi Region Leadership Conference by the Eastern Region Younger Member Council and recognizes an individual who has demonstrated leadership potential in the public sector of civil engineering. This award is presented to a young civil engineer (35 years old or younger) currently working in the Public Sector who is an active member of ASCE.

Nha currently works for EY in the Digital Grid Practice where he is part of an incredible team to help clients in the Utilities Sector navigate through challenges of existing infrastructures and stay ahead of future technology and customer demands. Prior to his recent transition, he was a Water Resources Engineer with the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD). At PWD, he was responsible for leading efforts to understand critical infrastructure risks and evaluate capital investment improvement projects.

Nha has been highly involved with ASCE for several years, primarily with the YMF, where he currently serves as Past President. With the YMF Nha has led many efforts such as organizing social networking opportunities, coordinating the Civ-E Club, and development of the YMF Mentor Program. He has also been active with the ASCE Philadelphia Section where he is currently a Director and previously held position as Membership Secretary.

He holds a M.S. and B.S. in Civil Engineering and MBA from Villanova University. He currently resides in Philadelphia.

"When you're in a leadership role, it's not about being in charge. It's about taking care of people in your charge to ensure that they do better than you did when you were in that position." - Nha Truong, PE

Nha was first introduced to the YMF Board by a previous board member. His favorite ASCE event is the Winter Social each year where 200 Civil Engineers come together to celebrate the holidays.

For current members, Nha has seen that many ASCE members are as equally interested in developing themselves by helping others such as college students become successful.

Nha is a strong believer in creating value to promote involvement for ASCE members by providing professional development, networking and community outreach opportunities. In his previous work with the public sector, Nha took part in many opportunities to promote the benefits of ASCE involvement for those working in the public sector. These efforts highlighted how ASCE offers opportunities to not only develop technical knowledge but to developing effective soft skills as well.

As former YMF President, what has meant the most to you over the past years?

As Past President, I have had many opportunities to learn from those before me and continue with the traditions of successes that has been part of the Philadelphia YMF. The board members that we have are among the strongest Civil Engineers I have met and their commitment to promoting the Civil Engineering profession is astonishing. I have come to be who I am by working alongside and learning from all of our past and current board members.

How and what do you hope to contribute to ASCE and the Section for the 2018-2019 year?

As a Director for the ASCE Philadelphia Section, I hope to continue with leading efforts to promote the values of being an ASCE member.



Nha with ASCE President Kristina Swallow, upon presentation of the award, at the ASCE Multi Region Leadership Conference's ERYMC Awards Banquet. Photo taken by Runners Hi Studio.