2018 ASCE Philadelphia Section Community Outreach and Service Award

John Doyle, EIT

John Doyle, EIT is a Highway and Trail Designer at Traffic Planning and Design, Inc. He has been with TPD since May of 2016 after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelors in Civil and Environmental Engineering. In his spare time, John enjoys following Philly sports, going to concerts, and hanging out with family and friends. John now enters his second year on the YMF Board as CivE Club Co-chair to the Chester A. Arthur School.

On Thursday, May 3, 2018 John was recognized at the ASCE Philadelphia Section’s Spring Social with the Community Outreach and Service Award for his impact on the community through the ASCE Philadelphia YMF, the Chester A. Arthur Civil Engineering Club, and Engineers Without Borders. John has been volunteering with the Chester A. Arthur Civil Engineering (CivE) Club for more than a year and a half. John started as a semi regular volunteer before becoming one of the YMF’s CivE Club Co-chairs to coordinate the club’s weekly activities. The CivE Club at Chester A. Arthur’s School offers countless opportunities to teach students about civil engineering, urging them towards a career in the STEM field.

Recently, John assisted with coordinating The Annual Balsa Wood Bridge Testing & Award Ceremony for the Chester A. Arthur School Civil Engineering Club. Held on June 4, 2018, the 6th-8th grade students tested their balsa wood truss bridges that they designed and built. Students also received awards for participation over this past 2017-2018 school year.

“There are plenty of opportunities to get to know the students and participate in STEM related activities. I have had a great time running the club for the last year, along with fellow YMF CivE Club Co-chair Tim Abel and CivE Club Moderator Mike Franklin, and am looking forward to doing the same with the students at Chester A. Arthur School again this year.” - John Doyle

Additionally, John has been an active member for the past 10 months with the Engineers Without Borders Community Engineering Corps (CEC) for the Philadelphia Chapter. The CEC provides pro-bono engineering services on a local level, where they are currently providing engineering services to install ADA facilities and other site related improvements to a church in Northeast Philadelphia.

“I want to thank all those who have been a part of both the CivE Club and the CEC. I would not have been recognized by ASCE’s Philadelphia Section with the Community Outreach and Service Award if not for these organizations and all the volunteers.” - John Doyle

Thank you to John, (and all our volunteers) for your contributions to the ASCE Philadelphia Section, as well as towards ASCE's mission of advancing the civil engineering profession and serving the public good. Thank you especially to the Philadelphia Section for their continued support and for hosting the CivE Club, now completing its 6th year as a nationally recognized Civil Engineering Club. For more information about the CivE Club and to volunteer with the CivE Club next year, email John Doyle (jdoyle@trafficpd.com).

John being presented with the Community Outreach and Service Award at the ASCE Philadelphia Section Spring Social. L to R: 2017-2018 ASCE Philadelphia President Cathy Golata Farrell, ASCE Philadelphia Awards Chair Bob Wright, John Doyle, and Tim Abel (also awarded with the Community Outreach and Service Award) Photo Credit: ASCE Philadelphia Section Secretary Jeanien Wilson

Chester A. Arthur School’s CivE Club Annual Balsa Wood Bridge Testing & Award Ceremony with participating students, YMF Co-Chairs John Doyle and Tim Abel, and CivE Club Moderator Michael Franklin

John with Chester A. Arthur CivE Club students

John at Chester A. Arthur CivE Club Annual Balsa Wood Bridge Testing & Award Ceremony

John along with YMF Board members and volunteers at recent Habitat for Humanity Build Day

John along with YMF Board members at Schuylkill Banks Clean Up