2018 ASCE Philadelphia YMF President's Award

Joe Natale, MCE, PE

The ASCE Philadelphia YMF President's Award recipient is decided by the YMF President to recognize a board member for their significant contributions. This year, Joe Natale, MCE, PE received this award in recognition of his dedicated efforts since joining the board in 2014, where he has consistently shown that he is willing to take the lead on the most difficult efforts to provide value for the Civil Engineering community. Furthermore, Joe has continued to extend his service to ASCE by serving as a board member for both the YMF and at the Section level.

Joe Natale, MCE, PE, is a Senior Structural Engineer with WSP USA. With more than 10 years of civil engineering and project management experience, Joe has worked in both the public and private sector of the transportation industry as a structural engineer, focusing on bridge design and structural analysis. A licensed Professional Engineer and active member of the ASCE Philadelphia Section, Joe serves on both the Philadelphia Section board of directors and the Philadelphia Younger Member Forum, and participates in several ASCE committees at the national level. Joe received his Bachelor and Masters of Civil Engineering from the University of Delaware, in 2008 and 2013, respectively. When not working or volunteering, Joe enjoys hiking, honing his skills in his woodshop, or spending time with his partner Janine and their dog Meadow.

Joe was introduced ASCE Philadelphia in 2014 by Section Past-president Cathy Farrell, who told him about the Younger Member Forum. After joining the YMF Board, Joe was continually impressed by the dedication and energy YMF and Section member put into ASCE events, outreach, and volunteering. Joe has gotten to be involved in some of the YMF’s most rewarding programs, including the Civil Engineering Club at Chester A. Arthur public school, the Winter Social fundraising and charitable contribution efforts, and the Eastern Regional Younger Member Councils. He is very excited to join his co-chair, Kevin Brown, in planning for ERYMC in Philadelphia in 2020!

What have you gained as an active younger member of ASCE over the years?

I’ve gained perspective on what it means to contribute to a community, and the importance of paying forward the great opportunities I’ve been given. Much of what we do as engineers is based on providing for large populations of citizens via infrastructure and planning, but there are also small projects that can have large impacts on the people they serve. ASCE has shown me how we can make a difference and connect with real people and communities. By working with great people in these types of programs, I’ve learned to re-evaluate what motivates me to succeed, and now success, to me, is helping others achieve and realize their own personal visions.

What is the best part about being a member of ASCE?

The best part is getting so many amazing role models to look up to. ASCE is full of inspiring leaders of all ages that really live their message, and they are people I am proud to call friends. ASCE has expanded not just my professional network, but the way I view civil engineering and our purpose. Whether you’re looking for a mentor to show you the ropes of the civil engineering field, a colleague to ask for career advice, or even a friend to enjoy a drink with, I’ve made some wonderful connections through ASCE that I will never forget.

The Pennsylvania delegates at the 2018 ASCE National Legislative Fly-in.

Joe and Eammon at the Habitat for Humanity volunteer event.

The Philadelphia YMF at the 2018 Younger Member Leadership Symposium at ASCE Headquarters.

ASCE panel at Villanova University.

Joe and Kevin making the bid presentation for Philadelphia to host ERYMC 2020.

Family photo: Joe, his partner Janine, and their puppo, Meadow.

Above, main photo of Joe receiving the President's Award from President Nha Truong at an ASCE Philadelphia YMF Board meeting.