2018 ASCE Philadelphia Section Young Civil Engineer of the Year Award

Jesse Gormley, PE, ENV SP

Jesse Gormley, PE, ENV SP, is a structural engineer for Pennoni, where he specializes in bridge and other transportation-related structural design. He’s been fortunate to work on many great, local projects.

Jesse has been highly involved with ASCE for several years, primarily with the YMF, where he currently serves as Vice President. He was instrumental in the formation of the Civil Engineering Club at the Chester A. Arthur public school in South Philadelphia, which provides students in 6th to 8th grades hands-on exposure to civil engineering. He is also active at the National level, where he serves as the current Chair of the Committee of Younger Members.

Jesse received both his B.S. in Architectural Engineering and M.S. in Civil Engineering from Drexel University in 2010. He resides in Havertown with his wife Christina and daughter Sadie.

As an active board member and volunteer among the ASCE Philadelphia YMF, what has meant the most to you over the past years?

There are so many great aspects to the YMF, but by far my favorite is the community. There are so many wonderful people engaged with the YMF; the entire membership is an awesomely welcoming and fun-loving group! I’m proud to say that several of my closest friendships have stemmed from the YMF.

How do you hope to further ASCE’s goals next year? What do you hope to bring to the YMF and our younger members for the 2018-2019 year?

I hope to continue aiding in the refinement of the YMF’s structure, with the goal of engaging more volunteers in the space between one-off events and a seat on the Board. Beyond that, I’ll be acting as the head of this year’s YMF Outreach Committee, for which my primary goal is to develop more collaboration across our outreach platforms (e.g., K-12, college, and community).

Jesse with his wife, Christina, and their daughter, Sadie.