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The membership of the Younger Member Forum (YMF) includes college students, recent graduates, and young engineers, including registered Professional Engineers, who are 35 years of age and younger. The objectives of the group are:

1. To provide networking opportunities;
2. To interact with schools and the general public to promote civil engineering;
3. To enhance career development.

There are no additional annual dues for participating in the YMF or being notified of events. We host technical meetings and discussions, professional development meetings, happy hours, and various volunteer activities throughout the year. We encourage you to check for and participate in any of our upcoming events!

Please visit the ASCE Philadelphia Section website to read our Younger Member column in the "Newsletters" posted on the news Archives page and to view the regional Event Calendar if you are interested in learning more about available activities.

Young engineers or college students who would like to be involved in the YMF should join our mailing list.

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